Lianna L. Kzirian

Administrative Assistant for Ira A. Candib

Lianna L. KzirianLianna L. Kzirian is an assistant to Ira A Candib. She graduated with a BA in Economics and a minor in Finance from California State University, Northridge.

While attending college, Lianna gained experience as an intern while working for various financial firms. Her most recent position was in the mutual fund side at an investment management firm. Her experience taught her the importance of time sensitivity, accuracy and relationship management when dealing with client accounts and transactional operations.

Lianna’s goal is to be able to make sure clients are secure and comfortable in their financial planning, with an emphasis on avoiding financial and elderly abuse. Through her years of experience, she saw the challenges financial representatives face in terms of maintaining and bolstering client services amidst industry complexities. Providing strong, ethical and reliable professional services is of the highest priority to Lianna. Now she is applying her experience, knowledge and core values here at California Financial Partners.

Lianna is currently studying to obtain her registrations to become a financial advisor.

Lianna L. Kzirian, Administrative Assistant for Ira A. Candib

DO NOT place orders to buy or sell securities via e-mail or voice mail. This and all other time sensitive requests should be placed directly with your Investment Advisor Representative by telephone.